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Ploughing, no-till and min-till – cultivating soil health


No-till farming, where fields aren’t ploughed, has become increasingly popular with the raised…

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Farming and tech: GPS tracked herds

Whilst at first glance farming may not seem very high tech, you’d be surprised at how much farming has…

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Pitch Up


As you might have noticed, something a little different is going on! Not content with carrying on as we…

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Please don’t blame our cows for climate change

We’ve seen a lot online recently about how cows are responsible for climate change. Yes, cows create…

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It’s all about the poo

If you caught a bit of Springwatch a couple of weeks ago, you might have seen the amazing things that…

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Farming for a better environment


We love that many people have left their lawns uncut for No Mow May. In just a few weeks you can see the…

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Animal welfare & The Environment

Whilst there’s a lot of talk on social media and in the news about the environmental benefits of…

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Life on the farm

Did you know that there are good cow pats and bad ones?Poo is an amazing indication of the wellbeing of…

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What is organic farming?


We can all picture what a farm looks like. Quite often, the idyllic scene we conjure up of farm life…

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Ibworth Woodland Burial Ground

We are all about diversity – not just in terms of plants and animals, but in people and how we use our…

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