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Got a sustainable food, farming or business idea? Pitch Up! this 1–30 November for land, investment and expertise at Kingsclere Estates circular community.

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“In nature there is no concept of waste.
Everything is food for something else.”
Ellen MacArthur Foundation on regenerative natural systems


After four generations of conventional farming, Kingsclere Estates is heading in a bold new direction. We’re turning our backs on commodity agriculture to regenerate our environment and build a progressive ‘circular community’.

And we’re looking for like-minded people with innovative sustainable business ideas to join us.

Running for a whole month this November 2021, Pitch Up! is our first ever applications season – when we’re inviting businesses and start-ups to ‘pitch for their pitch’ at Kingsclere.

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For the last decade, we’ve been busy regenerating the estate’s soil, increasing biodiversity and adopting a renewed approach to stewardship of the land to secure full Organic status for the crops, dairy and eggs produced here.

Disrupting the norms of commodity farming production cycles through innovative mobile approaches – such as The Roaming Dairy and The Pasture Raised Egg Company – we and our partners on the estate are already seeing the benefits of thinking differently, creating flexible infrastructures that can move across the land to improve both soil fertility and the quality of our produce as they go.

Now we want to invite more people in and increase the positive impacts – and abundant opportunities – of this approach.

Through Pitch Up! we’re on the lookout for more environmentally-focused partners to come and make the most of the estate’s plentiful space, fertile land and inspiring ethos.

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We’re offering businesses and start-ups selected through Pitch Up! a wide mix of support, including:

  • Land – pasture, fields and woodland – on our 2,000+ acre estate in Hampshire
  • Industrial units and office space
  • Raw ingredients, by-products and waste from farmers, growers and producers in our community to use for your products
  • Low overheads
  • Shared running costs
  • Minimised risk
  • Shared workload
  • Business advice, support and shared industry knowledge
  • Administrative and accounting services
  • Marketing and design support, with media and press opportunities
  • Introductions to customers, industry stakeholders and investors
  • Roadside retail opportunities, with 17,500 cars per day passing Kingsclere’s 2-mile frontage on the A339
  • A closely connected community of like-minded businesses for sharing ideas, problem-solving, connections and collaboration

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We’re looking for innovative ideas, good business sense and people with shared values, who we know we’ll be glad to have around.

We imagine the majority of you will be businesses or commercial-ready start-ups in the agriculture, food and beverage, and environmental sectors – but we don’t want to limit it to that.

We’re also open to hearing from people with ideas in the leisure and tourism, wellbeing, skincare and textiles/ fashion sectors – and beyond. Essentially it’s about your commitment to circular economy thinking and positive environmental impact.

Successful Pitch Up! applicants will show:

  • A compelling business/ product proposition
  • An understanding of the Kingsclere vision, and a passion to play a part in bringing it to life
  • Good business sense and financial acumen
  • Consideration for how your business would feed into the whole estate system at Kingsclere – not just thrive on its own
  • Willingness to adapt to flexible infrastructures that could be mobile, moving across different parts the estate at different times

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  1. Download our Pitch Up! Application Guidance document.
  2. Start gathering/ creating the information you need to complete your application.
  3. Make a 2-minute video or write a 200-word overview – to summarise your business/ product idea, the motivation behind it, business need or market opportunity it addresses, its environmental and sustainability credentials, and why you think it will work at Kingsclere. (NB: we score on the ideas, not the media, so don’t stress if you can’t make a video)
  4. Come back to submit your application and business plan using the application form that will be open between 1 and 30 November 2021 only (applications close at midnight on 30 November)

Got any questions? Email pitchup@kingsclere-estates.co.uk

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After you’ve submitted your entry, you’ll receive an automated email confirming that we’ve got it. Here’s what happens next:

  • 17 December: We’ll let you know if you’ve been selected to pitch to the Kingsclere board (pitches will be held on Friday 7 January 2022)
  • 7 January: Pitch Up! day, when you’ll pitch to Kingsclere board
  • 12 January: Successful applicants notified
  • 14 January: Successful applicants announced to the public and press
  • 17 January: work begins to set up new partners on the estate!



Pitch Up Application Guidance