Kingsclere Estates is a modern, sustainable rural estate looking to build a bright future and circular community by balancing economic activity, countryside stewardship and community engagement.

Covering just over 2,500 acres of mixed-use land, we have been actively regenerating our soils since 2012. It will be fully Organic by 2023.

Heard about our Pitch Up! opportunity? Find out all about this year’s applications season here.

Join Kingsclere's Managing Director, Tim May, on a fortnightly walk around the estate to learn how a regenerative approach works in practice throughout the seasons.

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We aren’t looking for employees or apprentices. We want to work together with partners, developing new ventures and learning side by side.

This is as much for our benefit as yours – we want to see new ways of making the most of, and generating abundance on, our land to work out what works out at Kingsclere. And we simply can’t do that alone.

Whether you’re a farmer, grower, producer, start-up, tenant or part of our local community, we want you to help shape our future – so read on to discover more…

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