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We want everyone to share in Kingsclere Estate, and be part of it together. So we're opening it up…

Kingsclere Estates Tim May inspecting roots

Join Kingsclere's Managing Director, Tim May, on a fortnightly walk around the estate to learn how a regenerative approach works in practice throughout the seasons. This walk will be perfect for anyone interested in sustainability, agro-ecology, regenerating natural systems, circular systems, or simply interested in the local landscape.

Tim will explain the principles of managing the land in a holistic way, which moves from taking from the land to giving back to the soil by creating a mixed (rather than mono) system that promotes biodiversity and growth for future generations.

He'll also explain how he's been radically regenerating the soil beneath our feet, and the shift from seeing land in terms of the commodities it produces, to the community that can be built there, with each system supporting and feeding into each other.

Depending on the time of year, this regular walk will involve looking at the progress of the crops, grasslands, and the health of the soil.

For future dates and further information, click here to book a place on our next walk.