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Life on the farm

Cow pats and what they tell us

Did you know that there are good cow pats and bad ones?

Poo is an amazing indication of the wellbeing of the cows. A runny cow poo indicates an imbalance in the diet and isn’t very good as any dung beetles will drown but in a more solid cow pat, one dung beetle can work away to break it down and the poo will feed the soil.
A lot of the skill in farming is understanding the meaning of the things you see (like the cow poos). Over time and with experience, you learn how to interpret these little things (which could easily be overlooked). Timing is also incredibly important too. Keeping a close eye on the weather forecast, noticing the signs of the seasons changing is essential to knowing when to sow and when to harvest. Planting too early in the year risks frosts or heaving rain, leaving it too late will mean you miss out on valuable growing time.
But it’s not all about crops and animals. We also have to keep an eye on the machinery and equipment too. We have to make sure that everything is in working order so it doesn’t break when you need it. There’s also a lot of planning too and being able to work out a back up plan if things do go wrong or break, as well as making the most of what you’ve got as farm equipment isn’t cheap!

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