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Ibworth Woodlands Burials

We wanted to offer people a quiet space for reflection, and felt that a natural burial site would allow some of the woodland to be put to good use for our community, without disrupting the natural habitat…

“By turning the woodland setting into a viable business, it allows us to preserve the natural environment.”



Ibworth Woodland is in the heart of the Kingsclere Estate. It’s a beautifully calm space that we wanted to preserve and allow people to enjoy the tranquility for themselves. There’s a growing demand for secular resting places and we felt this spot would create a beautiful natural burial ground that was accessible to our whole community.

Every year we add to and enhance the planting, which in turn increases the biodiversity, resulting in an idyllic resting place. By being non-denominational and welcoming all faiths, beliefs and backgrounds, we are creating a setting that reflects our wider ethos of welcoming everyone to Kingsclere Estates.

For more information: www.ibworthwood.co.uk
For receptions and ceremonies: www.pitthallbarn.co.uk