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JJ Livestock Solutions

James originally came to us as a shepherd running our sheep. Now he runs his own flock on our land and pays us for grazing the sheep – who are also helping us improve our soil structure…

“It’s a simple formula: more dung means more diversity!”



James’s sheep are free to roam, and by grazing on early grass it helps it to develop a thicker structure that in turn improves the soil. As the season progresses the flock starts following the cattle around, finishing off any grass left behind. Their dung attracts extra dung beetles, increasing the biodiversity in the system. James’ sheep are a wool-shedding variety, which means they’re not shorn – which is not only cost effective, but also avoids welfare issues (no maggots or tail docking) and their shorter coats mean cleaner, healthier sheep.

James operates a successful business and doesn't need much input or support from us at this stage. He supplies The Ethical Butcher in London, which is seeking to reconnect people with the environment through the meat they eat. And he’s looking to grow a local list of individuals and businesses who want his meat and its by-products. James pays us per head to graze his sheep, and we benefit from his sheep enriching our soil as they go.